STAGE 2 - To Waypoint 7 Route from Dryau Awesomes to Galactic Bar (Armstrong Landing (Nr. Sagittarius A* Approx Direct Distance: 5,338 LYs Approx. Route Distance: 9.131 LYs To see on the way ( Major POIs); - Shrogaei Nebula Cluster  GalMap Ref: Shrogaei FH-U e3-1421 - Shrogaei BL-X e1-2343 - Shrogaei HR-V e2-7758 - Shrogaei QO-Q e5-3431 - Shrogaei VJ-Z e6712 -- Galionas GalMap Ref: Hypoe Flyi HW-W e1-7966 Caeruleum Luna “Mysturji Crater”  GalMap Ref: HYPOE FLYI HX-T E3-295 Great Annihilator  GalMap Ref: Great Annihilator Zunuae Nebula GalMap Ref: Zunuae HL-Y e6903 (view from Zunuae TC-V D2-5699) Wulfric GalMap Ref: Byoomao MI-S e4-5423 (view from Byoomao WX-T C19-4546) Sagittarius A*  GalMap Ref: Sagittarius A* Minor POIs (off-route); 1 - Black in Green (Tourist Installation) GalMap Ref: Shrogea MH-V e2-1763 2 - The Clawed Hand Nebula GalMap Ref: Hypuae Scrua FL-W d2-90 3 - Dance of the Compact Quartet GalMap Ref: Kyli Flyuae WO-A f39 4- Insinnergy's World GalMap Ref: Myriesly DQ-G d10-1240 5 - Six Rings GalMap Ref: Myriesly RY-S e3-5414 6 - Emerald Remnant GalMap Ref: Myriesly CL-P e5-4186 (view from Myriesly DD-O B47-68) 7 - Fenrisulfur GalMap Ref: Myriesly CL-P e5-7383 (view from Myriesly HN-I C23-3141) Weekend beginning March 1st arrive at;  Armstrong Landing (Waypoint 7)  GalMap Ref: STUEMEAE KM-W C1-342 Planet/Moon : 1 B Base Camp Surface Coordinates : 58.078 / 79.594 (GeoSite #4) Radius (KM) : 1,372 KM Surface Gravity : 0.08 Geological Activity : Water Geysers Visit  the official forum thread  on the Frontier Forums you will find a chance to register on the Sag-A* visitors thread on a special link they have set there, as well as learn about the optional excursion to ALTUM SAGITTARI on Sunday March 3rd and Monday March 4th Also, they list the Community goal Schedule for Explorer’s Anchorage, set to continue on Tuesday March 7th For all this official info and more, please visit the official forum thread on the Frontier Forums
EPILOGUE Distant Worlds 2 Epilogue BMost of 13,000 commanders have now reached Beagle point and/ or are in the sector, setting this as the final destination and Route. oreas & Styxoliath’s Rest Epilogue official Thread (Don’t miss it)
To Waypoint 8 Route from Sagittarius A* to Goliath’s Rest Approx Direct Distance: 7,457LYs Approx. Route Distance: Not Available in forum To see on the way ( Major POIs); Phua Aub Nebula Cluster; Phua Aub Archer Beta - GalMap Ref: Phua Aub VY-S e3-3899 Phua Aub Archer Epsilon GalMap Ref: Phua Aub MX-U e2-7396 Phua Aub Archer Kappa GalMap Ref: Phua Aub SJ-R e4-8234 Crown Of Ice GalMap Ref: Phipoea WK-E d12-1374 Silver Highway GalMap Ref: Phipoea HJ-D c27-5254 Dark Eye Nebula GalMap Ref: Rothaei SI-B e2047 Braisio Juliet Nebula Cluster GalMap Ref: Braisio FR-V e2-293 Breakthrough Echoes GalMap Ref: Rhuedgie KN-T e3-721 Minor POIs (Off-route) - Hengist Nebula  GalMap Ref: Juenae OX-U e2-8852 GRS 1739-278 GalMap Ref: GRS 1739-278 Karkina Nebula GalMap Ref: Eok Bluae GX-K d8-1521 G2 Dust Cloud GalMap Ref: G2 Dust Cloud Sector JH-V c2-2851 Stairway To Heaven GalMap Ref: Dryau Chrea DB-F d11-3866 Black Giants Nebula GalMap Ref: Eorl Broae EB-O e6-1507 Lyaisae Juliet Nebula Cluster GalMap Ref: Lyaisae HA-A e3363 Arrive at; - Goliath’s Rest - GalMap Ref: Swoals IL-Y e0 Basecamp: “Hades Edge” Swoals IL-Y e0 Planet/Moon : B 1 Base Camp Surface Coordinates : 59.5882 / -55.9190 Radius (KM) : 4,183 KM Surface Gravity : 1.41 (Gravity Warning) Geological Activity : None Very important notes below, or it would be recommended that you visit the official frontier forums thread by clicking here Advisory: Commanders flying sub-45 LY starships may need resources for a minimum of 20 J1 or J2 Jumponium FSD Injections for the climb from Hypiae Phyloi LR-C D22 to Goliath's Rest, and back again Alternatively, there are several neutron stars that can be utilized for the climb also. For those logging their progress on EDSM, visiting Hypiae Phyloi LR-C D22 will qualify you as visiting WP8 on DW2. Therefore please consider the 'Lower Hades Edge' basecamp on Hypiae Phyloi LR-C D22 as your WP8 stopover point; Alternative Basecamp: “Lower Hades Edge” Hypiae Phyloi LR-C D22 Planet/Moon : A 2 Base Camp Surface Coordinates : 23.675 / -113.437 (GeoSite #2) Radius (KM) : 7,499 KM Surface Gravity : 1.50 (Gravity Warning) Geological Activity : Silicate Vapour Geysers Upon reaching Hypiae Phyloi LR-C D22, the advised route to Goliath's Rest (avoiding White Dwarfs) is as follows; Hypiae Phyloi LR-C D22 Hypiae Phyloi NC-B D1-22 Hypiae Phyloi ZJ-C C2-1 Swoals GA-A E19 Swoals LY-U C2-0 Swoals VM-W D1-19 Swoals PL-Y D2 Swoals PL-Y D3 Swoals JT-T C3-0 (Neutron Star: neutron jump is not required here) Swoals RW-W D1-3 (Neutron Star: neutron jump is not required here) Swoals RW-W D1-2 (Neutron Star) Neutron jump or 79 LY Jumpoium boost is required here. If needed, remember to refuel at the M-Class Star in this system before jumping out. Swoals IL-Y e0 (Goliath's Rest - Primary is a Neutron Star) Locating the 'Hades Edge' basecamp: This waypoint world has no geological activity, therefore commanders will have to use manual navigation to locate the surface coordinates of the Hades Edge landing zone. Alternatively, use the E.D.I.S.O.N. surface coordintates E.D.I.S.O.N. was created by CMDR Maxine Slayton  download here NEXT WAYPOINT ANNOUNCEMENT: MAR 24TH AT 19:00 UTC